Welcome to Chooj Spa

Our goal at Chooj Spa is to offer a unique spa experience, one that caters to the body, mind, and spirit. At Chooj Spa our commitment to this idea is what drives us to be more than just a beauty parlor. We hope to offer experiences which enable the growth of individuals both physically and emotionally. Please join us and be part of the family.

Chooj Spa Services

Your choice, from Clay massages to unique therapeutic treatments our services cover a wide range of needs which we are here to help you fill. Experience your skin in a new light with our Facial treatments or come and enjoy a range of body services that cover a broad spectrum. These include Maderoterapia (Wood Massage), Reflexology, Chocoterapia, Vacuum Therapy, and much more.

Chooj Spa Tucson Welcome

Located in: Nogales, Tucson, and Mérida

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