Massage is perhaps the oldest and most natural form of medical treatment. Massage therapy is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues to enhance a person’s health or well-being. Massage therapy can lower an individual’s blood pressure, make them feel more relaxed, relieve tension, soothe away headaches, relax tensed muscles and increase alertness.

Hot Stone Massage

A form of bodywork that involves the application of heated stones to the body during the massage. By combining massage with hot stones, the circulatory system is both stimulated and relaxed, releasing toxins from the muscles and assisting the body in self-healing. Hot stone massage is both deeply detoxifying and profoundly relaxing.


Clay is one of the oldest beauty treatments in the world. It’s natural ingredients and unique structure makes it perfect for revitalizing and rejuvenating skin holistically.

Benefits: detox skin, regenerate cells, moisturize dehydrated skin, and act as an inflammatory for blemishes such as bug bites, acne, sunburns and more.

Green clay
Black clay
Red clay

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