Body Services

Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio Frequency Treatments at Chooj Spa work in a similar way to laser and light treatments, but tend to be much more pleasant. These treatments work by quickly heating up the deeper levels of skin without harming the outer levels. Radio Frequency is designed to help encourage improvement in skin tightness, but with fewer risks as compared to other treatments.

Benefits of Radio Frequency Treatments:

  • Completely noninvasive procedure
  • Absolutely no down-time
  • Safe for all skin colors and types
  • Very little discoloration and redness
  • Constantly improving technological field


Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum therapy mobilizes fats and activates the metabolism of adipocytes. Vacuum therapy aids the lymphatic systems to stimulate blood supply and eliminate toxins


Massage with Wood – Natural, non-invasive, technique which addresses health, beauty, and relaxation using wooden instruments designed to stimulate every part of the body. Maderoterapia not only eliminates cellulite but also provides a relaxing experience. Maderoterapia is effective for reducing stress levels, activate cell renewal, reaffirm, tone your body, treat cellulite, reduce centimeters and shaping the body contour. This treatment seeks to redraw the body, through precise massages with the use of different rollers

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